Record sales of iPhone 12 has scientific explanation


The demand for the new iPhone 12 appears to be higher than the demand for the iPhone 11 in this pre-sale phase. This is the finding of the analyst Mig-Chi Kuo, who is known for getting the forecast for Apple’s production chain right. According to his predictions, the new cell phone has already sold more than twice the units of the previous model in the ordering phase last year.

However, in a year marked by the pandemic and the global economic recession, this does not seem to stop people from making such expensive purchases. To give you an idea, the expectation is that this device in Brazil starts selling for R $ 14 thousand.

More than Apple’s ostentatious marketing, this record is related to a state of mental health today, as explained by neuroscientist and psychologist, Fabiano de Abreu *: “With anxiety on the rise, excess of bad news and uncertainties, the need dopamine has become an escape mechanism for the current psychic state ”. Dopamine, he explains, is “a neurotransmitter hormone responsible for feeling the reward and influencing our emotions, learning, mood and attention. It is linked to anxiety since it promotes pending the conquest that in turn releases dopamine ”.

According to Fabiano, “when we are bored, sad, unhappy, we seek more liberation from this chemical messenger to feel better”, which certainly explains the demand for this new cell phone model. Even in the face of a scenario where the recession will be global, that does not stop people from getting into debt to acquire the launch of Apple. According to Abreu, “the culture of abstract reality promoted by the social network, makes the iPhone a great candidate for ostentation where only those who have money can have it. This also makes liberating dopamine by conquering the belief that other people are admired , as well as the images that provide good photos so that you have more achievements from likes and follows. The wealth of being seen as an achievement, alleviates insecurity “.

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With several published materials on the subject, neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu signs a scientific article on dopamine, fatigue and anxiety and was published at Emil Brunner World University, a university located in Miami, in the United States.


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