Record of Ragnarok: Netflix Anime Causes Controversy In India


Record of Ragnarok: The anime Record of Ragnarok debuted as a great success on Netflix, with its theme that mixes remarkable fights, fantasy and different mythologies. The animation talks about a fighting tournament between 13 humans and 13 gods, who are present in the series with varied characteristics and personalities.

Despite the interesting premise, the series is already causing controversy by showing, in addition to mythological gods, some that are also present in current religions, still active. In the US, Rajan Zed, representative of Hinduism, published a statement that criticizes the representation of the god Shiva, the god of destruction, in the anime.

The publication said the animation portrayed the god Shiva in a trivial way, downplaying the god’s meaning for followers of Hinduism. Although the character plays an important role in the series, the way she was portrayed would be, “at best, uninformed, and, at worst, harmful”.

In the history of animation, we see Adam, the first man, Thor, the Norse god of thunder, Hercules, son of Zeus, among other striking characters that have been portrayed many times in other media. In this story, the god Shiva is a very powerful and brutal fighter during clashes.

Record of Ragnarok has 12 episodes and is available now.

Check out the trailer below: