Record Number of Addresses Having At Least One Bitcoin


The number of addresses with at least 1 Bitcoin in their wallet reached 823 thousand and broke a record. In the cryptocurrency world, the declines and fluctuations experienced in the last 10 days do not seem to discourage investors.

September has been a difficult month since its inception, for both Bitcoin and all digital currencies. While the entire cryptocurrency world is on the red charts, a surprising record has come from the Bitcoin front. The leading coin has lost more than 10% in value in the last 7 days and has experienced a retreat to the 10,000 – 10,200 band. Despite this, the number of addresses held at least 1 BTC reached an all-time high.

Bitcoin Accounts Increased Continuously

Glassnode shared a statement on his social media account and stated that the addresses holding at least 1 Bitcoin, called “wholecoiner”, have increased steadily over the years. Glassnode shared a graphic and announced that “wholecoiner” addresses broke a record yesterday and carried their number to over 823 thousand.

People Trust Bitcoin in the Long Term

Despite such a record breaking, the fact that the amount of Bitcoin held in the exchanges is severely low indicates that people are using the “take and hold” tactic, also called HODL. According to the data released by Glassnode at the end of August, close to 8 million Bitcoin tokens have not shown any activity for at least 3 years. This brought to mind the HODL era for Bitcoin. The proliferation of HODL movements is seen as a positive development for Bitcoin. It is assumed that the more investors doing HODL, the stronger the belief that the value of Bitcoin will increase.


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