Record Breaks In Idle Bitcoin (BTC) Supply!


According to the latest information, the supply of illiquid Bitcoin (BTC) has reached an all-time high.

Data shared by popular analytics firm Glassnode shows that the illiquid supply of the flagship cryptocurrency has reached an all-time high, with investors moving their BTC from multiple centralized crypto exchanges to cold wallets.

In addition, according to Whale Alert, 15,000 Bitcoins were sent between anonymous wallets between these transactions.

Bitcoin’s Illiquid Supply

According to the Glassnode chart shared by BTC_Archive, one of the market’s popular Twitter accounts, the rapidly rising supply of illiquid Bitcoin has reached an all-time high.

In another tweet, BTC_Archive posted another Glassnode chart showing users withdrawing BTC from multiple crypto exchanges. The chart shows the Stock Exchange Net Position Change index and mostly goes negative.

This situation is generally interpreted as investors do not sell their Bitcoins. Therefore, since there will be no selling pressure, it is thought to be a bullish signal.

$950 Billion Transfer

Major crypto tracker Whale Alert reported yesterday that it was sent as cryptocurrency from one anonymous wallet to another. According to the statements made, the amount of Bitcoin sent is 15,100 units. This corresponds to a figure of approximately 950 billion USD.