Record-Breaking Animal In Number Of Paws Discovered In Australia


Animal: Researchers have discovered in Australia the animal with the most legs in the world — or, at least, the one with the most legs ever observed by science. With 1,306 legs and less than 10 centimeters in length, the species was found in August 2020 and its discovery was reported in an article published this Thursday (16) in the journal Scientific Reports.

The species was found in a 60 meter deep hole created for mineral exploration. Named by scientists as Eumillipes persephone, the species belongs to the class of millipedes or millipedes, which has among its best-known representatives the snake lice.

In Scientific Reports, researchers called the species the first “true millipede”; the word millipede comes from the Latin “thousand paws”, but until then no animal described by science had reached this mark. The also millipede Illacme plenipes, which previously occupied the rank of animal with the most legs in the world, had only 750.