Reconstructor In Returnal: What It Is And How To Get Ether


Returnal: We tell you what the Reconstructor is and how to get Ether in Returnal, the exclusive for PS5 with launch on April 30, 2021. Returnal is one of the surprises of this 2021. The new installment of Housemarque exclusively for PS5 has a multitude of elements that are not explained first. What is Ether for? What is the Reconstructor? Beyond the final bosses and how to defeat them, as part of our dedicated guide we will focus on explaining two of the fundamental elements to be successful in their loops.

What is the Reconstructor for?

During the exploration you will see some blue doors (secondary rooms) that lead to a large circular device. Called Reconstructors, this species of alien mold will be of great help to you during your stay in the loops. By depositing 6 Ether you will activate a kind of additional life.

How does it work? Very simple: when you die, the loop will not restart, but you will jump to this device, which will catch you before losing everything. The progress of that world will remain intact, you can retrace your steps and continue exploring. Unfortunately it is single use per loop and world. If you change levels you will lose the one you activated in the previous one.

Although there are artifacts that revive you at the same point where you died, the Reconstructor is yet another layer of security. You will know that you are facing one when a roundabout with an alien character in the middle appears on the map. Given the procedural generation of the rooms in each world, we cannot tell you exactly where you are, although they will be behind some of the blue doors. Only in the Fractured Desert will it appear at a fixed point: at the nexus that joins the main rooms of the level.


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