Recommendations to ease the lives of people living in quarantine from 4 astronauts


Quarantine ranks first among the concepts that we encounter most during the coronavirus outbreak days. Astronauts, who had to live in isolation from other people for months in space missions, published their advice on how to live on quarantine days.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, curfews were declared in many countries and quarantines were created. In other countries where there is an epidemic, calls are made to ensure that people do not leave their homes and create personal quarantines.

Staying closed for weeks or months, isolated from social areas, can cause people to have a hard time. In quarantine days, we can listen to astronauts to continue social life differently and organize our lives.

Astronauts take part in space missions with teams of a certain number of people. Teams can stay closed for months in a mandatory environment in space missions. Astronauts are developing personal ways to smoothly spend this months of isolation. In these days when the houses are closed due to coronavirus, we can benefit from the personal methods of astronauts.

Scott Kelly, who served in the International Space Station (ISS) for about a year, proposes to program and adhere to this program to deal with quarantine. Kelly says that maintaining the program will lead to harmony with people who stay in the same environment for a long time. Kelly says entertainment activities, such as movie evenings, will also relax quarantine times. Kelly adds that reading books may also be important activities.

Peggy Whitson, one of the most experienced astronauts in the world, says it is important to understand the importance of the quarantine caused by coronavirus and to communicate effectively and accurately with people in the home.

Anne McClain, who works at ISS, underlines effective communication like Whitson and says personal care is important. McClain says he describes not only a personal care for hygiene, but a personal care that will relax people’s mood.

Chris Hadfield, one of the former astronauts of the Canadian Space Agency, advises people to find ways to break away from daily life and be productive. Hadfield states that the methods he developed to be productive in space mission also work on Earth.


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