Recommendation: “Physical: 100”, The Strongest Survives.


Do you like reality shows, but do you want to change the classic dating show?

Do you like a beautiful physique and do you like watching candidates compete in physical tests? Then the Korean Physical: 100 program is for you!

Physical: 100 is the first Korean survival series on Netflix, in which participants compete with each other to demonstrate their physical strength and agility.

Hundreds of physically fit participants compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor and exceptional reward. There are 300 million won (about 222,000 euros) at stake, and these participants will put their bodies under extreme pressure for this fateful money.

This series features not only the average soldier Joe, but also celebrities from the Korean dating series Single’s Inferno, a K-Pop dancer, YouTubers, rappers, MMA champions, judo masters and Olympic gold medalists.

Then there are models, bodybuilders, athletes and even farmers for a variety of characters for the public.

So the goal is to fight for survival (in a figurative sense). It’s about testing your physical and mental strength and pushing you and your body to the limit.

The challenges are intense and even include real fights. The development and design team has created some fantastic arenas/spaces and deserves credit for that.

So if you want to watch an interesting new show, don’t miss Physical: 100!


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