, The Word-Of-Mouth Recommendation Platform For Professionals

0 In the digital world in which we live, when we need an expert in something we use Google or another online search engine. Or we look for it on Facebook. Or we get into specialized forums. But before there was the typical word of mouth in the neighborhood -in fact there still is-, and it is always effective, because your neighbor, or your cousin or the baker will always know someone who can lend you a hand with something you need.

What if we move that to the digital world? Well, we have as a result an application like this:

Digital word of mouth

If you need someone specialized in something, from a hairdresser to an egg farmer to bring you free-range eggs, the platform does the same: its algorithm shows you the professional contacts organized according to your location and people you know. And ready! You can now access hundreds of recommended professionals.

The platform also has a Karma system that rewards those users who are more active within the community, providing recommendations and valuing those professionals with whom they have recently collaborated. One of the strengths of is its high degree of reliability in the reviews, since they verify each user who registers on the platform. In this way, they manage to avoid falling into the problems that false reviews generate, an issue that increasingly affects products and businesses and that leads 54% of users not to buy if they suspect that the review is not honest.

To expand its reach, the platform has a free mobile application for both users and professionals, with a service that helps the latter in their day-to-day, to improve their service and encourage that recommendation to occur. According to those responsible, whatever you are looking for, you will find it in

“They demand everything from us, just as they recommend everything to us. From diving teachers to drilling specialists”, explains Samuel Sesmilo, CEO of the platform. The app is organized into 10 professional categories including Home, Family or Health. And among the most demanded professions are physiotherapist, plumber and bricklayer. The startup already has more than 1,000 professionals recommended by a community of 5,000 people on the platform.

The best? In addition to generating local jobs, it manages to reduce emissions, a fundamental aspect for the startup. “The consumer, increasingly aware, prefers a local professional, because he takes less time to attend to him, pollutes less on his journey and feels a certain empathy for the professionals in his neighborhood or environment”, indicates Samuel.