Recognizing a song will be faster and easier in iOS 14.2


In the last Apple conference two things were left in the pipeline. One of them is the iPhone 12, the most desired terminal to know at the moment. The other product is iOS 14, the operating system that will make the Apple mobile move applications and other functions. At the moment there are only a few who can use the program through its beta phase, who have observed that it will be easier to recognize a song in iOS 14.2.

Shazam built into iOS 14.2

Music is something that accompanies users on a day-to-day basis. Everyone has their music list in which they have their favorite songs, but sometimes they can listen to a new song that they want to add. The most normal thing is to wait for the radio host to tell you the name of the song, ask the person who is listening to it, or use an application to find that song.

And it is that technology has done a lot for music lovers with applications like Shazam. This famous piece of software has been postulated as one of the best options to find a song that you are listening to at a moment and that you do not recognize. Just by opening it and letting you listen to the piece in a few moments you will have the title and even the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

But if you are an Apple user you are in luck since, according to what Macrumors has, with iOS 14.2 it will be much easier and faster to recognize a song. It turns out that users who have the testing phase in hand have detected that the Shazam button will appear in the part of the quick menu of the phone, along with the brightness, WiFi, airplane mode and other options. This way you only need to slide your finger across the top of the screen.

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