recognized? This is what Jessie Bunny looked like before all her cosmetic surgeries


Jessie Bunny is unrecognizable. The Austrian influencer leads his fans online in their daily lives. The blonde has also already undergone one or another beauty surgery. Jessie has had several breast augmentation surgeries, nose surgery, buttock augmentation and, of course, over the past few years, she has had many lip injections. However, in 2018, the network star looked very different.

Jessie often shared on her Instagram account how she looked before cosmetic surgery — she is no longer recognizable: dark short hair, glasses, a sweet smile. She has a piercing in her lip, a normal figure. There’s not much left of it: Jesse now has long platinum blonde hair, XXXL lips and huge breasts.

But for their external transformation, fame in the Network receives not only encouragement. Her mouth is especially often criticized. “I get a lot of attacks online and offline because of my lips, and I just want to say: they are far from big enough,” she firmly told her haters.v


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