Receives warnings about fires and risk zones in the USA


Google has increasingly contributed to ensure the safety of its users, the novelty is that now it will use several partnerships to integrate alerts about fires that are occurring in the United States and prevent accidents and victims of this catastrophe that has also hit Brazil, with the biggest fire ever seen in decades in the Pantanal.

The novelty comes from an integration of Google Maps and Search that will now show alerts about upcoming fires, articles with recent news and what to do in an emergency if you are in a difficult situation, as well as the option to call the fire department and local rescue services.

To that end, Google is using data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) GOES satellite constellation. To give more precision and dynamism, data from Google Earth Engine is being integrated, so it is possible to obtain almost immediate updates on each focus where the fire is causing destruction, more precisely updated every 60 minutes.

According to Google, the system works as follows:

“NOAA’s satellites include infrared and optical sensors optimized to detect” hot spots “or large forest fires on the Earth’s surface. We performed calculations on this data on the Earth Engine to identify the affected area.”

The search will show the areas affected by the fire with geometric shapes in red directly in the search result, as you can see just above. For now the feature is being tested in California, one of the American states hardest hit by the fires.

Maps integration will be even more dynamic, with the phone issuing a warning if the user approaches a risky area.

See a video released explaining better how everything will work:

Finally, Google says it intends to implement these innovations in different regions of the world, since the frequency of potentially dangerous fires is increasing more and more. In addition, the company recently announced a new feature that allows you to use your cell phone to detect and even receive information about earthquakes, something that seems simple, but can help save many lives in some countries.

For now Google says the function is already in action in the U.S. and is expected to reach other areas of the world soon. We hope it arrives in Brazil as soon as possible, since the infrared detection system would help to detect even the underground fires that are occurring in the Pantanal today.


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