Receive calls from your Windows computer


Microsoft and Google have made a great union linking mobile phones with computers. Both devices are usually very close together on work tables and it was a matter of time to find a way to create a symbiosis between them. The result has been Microsoft’s Your Phone application with which you can now receive and make calls from your computer.

Today we already have the complete experience, since we can access photos, messages and notifications from our smartphone from our computer. And now we also have the option of making calls from our computer

What do we need?

In order to make calls from our computer, we must meet certain minimum requirements. If we comply with the same, we will be prepared to be able to use this new option of the Your Windows 10 phone application.

  • Have the latest version of Windows 10 on our computer, version 1909.
  • Have the Your phone application installed on our computer, which we can download here.
  • Have the Companion application of your phone installed on our smartphone (only available on Android), which we can download here.
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