Is RecargaPay Prime worth it? Find out how the paid plan works


RecargaPay Prime is a paid plan made available by the RecargaPay app for Android and iPhone (iOS). The basic functions of the app include top-up prepaid cell phones and transportation cards, make transactions and payments, buy gift cards and more.

The Prime version entitles you to some extra features, such as 10% unlimited cashback benefits on top-ups for mobile devices, but you must pay a subscription fee of R $ 14.99 per month. Check below if RecargaPay prime is worth it and how to get the paid plan for the app.

How does RecargaPay work?
RecargaPay is a virtual wallet that allows the user to make different types of payments through the application. Among the services is the recharge of unlimited prepaid cell phones for operators TIM, Claro, Oi, Vivo, Algar Telecom and Nextel with a cashback of 5% in the free plan.

You can also pay bills for water, electricity, Internet, telephone, transportation cards in some cities and bank slips, in addition to splitting bills up to 12x. The app also allows you to buy gift certificates, earn discounts at partner stores and receive and send money. RecargaPay also offers a prepaid card with 1% cashback.

RecargaPay Prime: how does it work?
RecargaPay Prime is the paid plan of the app, available in two categories: Prime and Prime +. Those who purchase one of the versions have advantages over users of the free plan. In the case of Prime, for example, the recharge cashback is 10%. Prime + offers a free credit card machine. Cashback benefits are also unlimited.

How to have RecargaPay Prime?
To have RecargaPay Prime, you need to enter the application and tap “Prime” at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose which plan you want to subscribe to and press “Continue”. Finally, add or select a payment card. Although Prime + costs the same monthly amount as Prime, the first must be paid for 12 months, while the second does not require loyalty.

Is RecargaPay Prime worth it?
RecargaPay has rivals such as PicPay and PayPal. All apps make payments online, and have similar functions and benefits. PicPay, for example, also gives discounts to users in partner stores and cashback on recharge, and even allows a 5% cash return on all payments. RecargaPay Prime, which is a paid plan, offers 10% cashback only on recharges and CADs in the Blue Zone, but also returns 5% on some other transactions.

PayPal does not allow users to pay bills for water and electricity, and works more with individual online transactions. He and PicPay offer business-oriented versions, with an audience of commercial professionals and entrepreneurs, while RecargaPay does not have this type of service.

Among the differentials of fintech is the possibility to recharge transport cards in some cities in the country, but other options for applications to make payments in digital form are IQ Contas, Ame Digital and iti Ita├║. Ame has cashback on most of your payments and is free.


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