Rebel: Producer of Grey’s Anatomy Revolts With Cancellation of The Series


Rebel: Recently, with the announcement of the renewal of several important series of its programming grid, ABC also released the list of productions that would be canceled. Thus, Rebel, produced by Krista Vernoff, who is also a showrunner for Gray’s Anatomy, will not continue its development going forward.

After confirming the news, Vernoff decided to vent about the matter through social networks, saying that she was bothered by the coldness that the broadcaster treated the new series.

According to her, in conversations with other internet users, there was a lot of dedication to delivering episodes of Gray’s Anatomy and Station 19 during the pandemic. On the other hand, ABC did not want to give Rebel any chance – who has shown only five episodes so far.

“You give them three shows during a worldwide pandemic and they give you five episodes. Cold. Cold. Frio ”, published the producer. According to the TV Line portal, Krista Vernoff also responded to other fans about the station’s decision, including a Deadline article, but later opted out of tweets.

Rebel: Katey Sagal regrets series cancellation

Starring Katey Sagal, Rebel followed the story of a fearless lawyer who developed her persuasive skills with great success.

The plot was inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich, an activist who, even without any higher education, was instrumental in changes in the judiciary of the state of California in the 1990s.

Through social media, the actress thanked the fans for their unconditional support during the show. “To all of Rebel’s beloved rebel followers, I am so thrilled with your support for our production,” she wrote, noting that the ad took everyone by surprise, given that so far only five episodes have been broadcast on the station.

Rebel had an average audience of 3.2 million viewers over the weeks that was available for public tasting.

“We did everything we could do. Stay with Rebel’s message: always speak, ”she concluded.

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