Reasons why these deaths should never have occurred


Deaths do happen on The Walking Dead, but some have made the show worse so we’ll explain in detail the most unnecessary deaths that have occurred so far in the various seasons of The Walking Dead.


In season eight of The Walking Dead, we finally figured it all out when Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) made his surprising return to the show as a member of the evil Saviors, taking on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) as he led an assault on one of the outposts. of the Saviors.

But then Daryl (Norman Reedus) killed him. Why do this? Why bring Morales back if they were just going to kill him? They could have had another cheeky savior catch Rick at the outpost.

In turn, they could have made Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) reappear after the war with the rescuers, they could even make Morales not reappear because his death was completely unnecessary.


The behind-the-scenes circumstances behind the decision to kill Carl (Chandler Riggs) are unknown, but from the perspective of The Walking Dead as a show, these are the bad guys. There was a group of fans who didn’t like Carl as a character, but even if this were true, he was, in the universe, the future of history.

All Rick had been doing up to that point was building something for Carl, and once Carl (Chandler Riggs) left, it seemed like things started to fall off the cliff. It’s even likely that if Carl were still alive, we wouldn’t see the next season of The Walking Dead being the last.


A good place to start here is to basically take most of what I said about Carl’s death and paste it in here because for all intents and purposes Henry’s (Matthew Lintz) death was like Carl’s death revised.

Why? Well mainly because Henry was taking on much of Carl’s role in the War of the Whisperers from the comics, turning him into a stand-in for Carl in season nine of The Walking Dead, making Henry’s (Matthew Lintz) death like kill Carl a second time.


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