Reasons for Klaus and Sister’s Relationship Being Doomed


Klaus may have loved Rebekah, but that didn’t stop him from hurting her throughout The Originals series. The original hybrid was a complex character who had equally complicated relationships with her brothers and sisters.

Inlaying a dagger

Klaus Mikaelson neutralized his sister with a silver dagger multiple times in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, forcing her to sleep each time they disagreed.

Kill emil

Klaus has shown a ruthless disrespect for her siblings’ lovers throughout the centuries. During the 1800s, Rebekah fell in love with the governor’s son and begged Klaus to let her turn him into a vampire in The Originals.

This was Klaus at his most vicious and least human, showing nothing but contempt and cruelty for his sister. Klaus was never supportive of any of his sister’s relationships, indicating his unwillingness to share her on The Originals.

Controlling your life

Klaus loved his sister very much, but he also proved to be incredibly controlling of her life in The Originals. He kills her lovers to keep her by his side and dictates her actions and behavior multiple times in the series.

Trying to kill her

Klaus locates Rebekah, who suffers from hallucinations caused by werewolf bites. She nearly kills her sister before Elijah intervenes, neutralizing her half brother with Papa Tunde’s sword in The Originals.

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