Reasons fans don’t support Teddy Altman


Nicknamed “Desert Barbie” by Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) is as talented as she is beautiful, even if she’s not always perfect. These are some of her worst moments from her show:

Your behavior

Teddy’s attitude towards Owen (Kevin McKidd) after the death of her husband was harsh. She was understandably upset, but she lashed out at Owen Hunt even in professional settings that undermined her authority on Grey’s Anatomy.

While Owen Hunt was only following protocol to a point, it was incredibly difficult to work with Teddy in the weeks following Henry’s death on Grey’s Anatomy.

Her confession to Cristina

In Grey’s Anatomy, Teddy was going through intense emotional turmoil deciding to leave when he realized that Owen had not only chosen Cristina over her, but had also lost a friend in him but Cristina insisted that he stay.

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) told Teddy that she could have whatever she wanted as long as Teddy decided to stay in the hospital. Teddy said that she wanted Owen on Grey’s Anatomy.

His infidelity

The perfect image of a family was shattered when Teddy slept with Tom Koracick on the day of his wedding to Owen and to make matters worse, Teddy broke Owen’s heart and also humiliated him in a painful way on Grey’s Anatomy.


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