Reasons ABC didn’t want to air the show in its early days


After 363 episodes, Grey’s Anatomy still ranks as the number one drama among 18-34 year olds and ranks number two among adults 18-49. More than 15 million viewers tune in each week to watch the development of the medical drama.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff and Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes revealed what it took for their show to air in 2005. Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t like other shows at the time. The script featured characters the network hadn’t seen before, with a diverse cast and powerful women who had a “defiant and lighthearted” approach to sex.

The original cast included three black actors: Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey), James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Webber), and Isaiah Washington (Dr. Burke), who held powerful positions at the hospital. In the pilot, Ellen Pompeo’s Dr. Meredith Gray had a one-night stand with a man who happened to be her boss, Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Krista Vernoff was the lead writer for the first seven seasons, and she remembers the moment when she realized how revolutionary Grey’s Anatomy was. Watching an episode early in Season 1, she realized that it wasn’t a procedure-driven medical show and that at the bottom it was really about her characters.

The 2004-2005 television season was an important one for ABC. They were making a huge comeback with their new shows Lost and Desperate Housewives. At the same time, Rhimes, executive producer Betsy Beers, and the Grey’s Anatomy crew were creating season 1 without knowing where the show would go.

Without a release date, there was no guarantee that ABC would pick it up after they finished filming and streaming the first 13 episodes. Vernoff remembers that the then most important producer of the network, put many obstacles in the way for what was to be the future of the series.

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“He just didn’t get it or didn’t like it. Honestly, I’ll say, I don’t think he would like ambitious women to have unapologetic sex. ”

The person in question resigned in 2010 amid a series of accusations of sexual harassment and those close to Grey’s Anatomy explain that this was the reason why the series aired.

Grey’s Anatomy has achieved great commercial success and critical acclaim. The first episode was watched by 16.27 million viewers, and the end of the first season drew 22.22 million viewers.

The second and third seasons received the highest viewership ratings, with an average audience of 19 million. At the end of season 9, Grey’s Anatomy was placed among the 10 series with the highest audience of 2013. The series as if that were not enough, has been airing for 16 seasons, with one more on the way. In case the reasons weren’t enough to make it a successful show.


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