Reaping Controversy, Mnet Allegedly Remixing the Adhan in the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Program!


Mnet again angered many parties after airing the latest episode of their program titled ‘Street Woman Fighter‘.


Through the latest episode of the program, around the first minute there is a background song which is a remix of the sound of the adhan, which is the call to prayer for Muslims.

This has angered many parties, especially Muslims who have now raised the hashtag #mnetabpologize and has surpassed 20 thousand tweets on Twitter.

Many criticisms were leveled by netizens, ranging from reminding the television station to venting their frustration through tweets about Mnet’s attitude.

Until now there has been no response from Mnet as the television station that broadcasts the ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ program which uses and changes the call to prayer for the background song of their program.


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