Realme X7 photos show the unusual design choice


The Realme X7 series will be revealed on September 1. As the countdown continued, the first live photos of the smartphone began to circulate on the internet. In the photos shared by the company’s executives, it is remarkable that the company’s slogan is written in capital letters on the tricolor gradient background.

The slogan “Dare to Leap” has been used by Realme since last year. The company states that it acts in line with this slogan while developing new products. The photos shared by Realme’s chief of marketing, Xu Qi Chase, do not provide much detail, while the design director’s post points to some unusual choices.

Realme’s design director Xianghai Sire said that fashion is not just a trend; He also expressed that it is a way of embracing multiculturalism and meeting Western culture. Stating that Realme’s main target audience is young and active users, Sire stated that they put their slogans on the back of the phone to encourage young people.

Sire also gave some remarkable information about color. Sire said that they reached the color they call “C Color” after 8 months of development and 400 hours of testing, and expressed that they are aware that they are gambling with this design.

Realme X7 series will include Pro version with the standard model. It is necessary to be patient until next week to learn all the details about the phone.

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