Realme X7 launch date announced! Fast charging surprise!


Chinese phone manufacturer Realme continues to come up with new phones. With the Realme X7 series, a new one will be added to them.

Realme X7 launch date announced

We see a phone with a thin bezel in the promotional images shared by Realme. However, since promotional images do not always reflect the truth, they can be misleading, so press images need to be revealed or the device introduced to be sure of the design of the phone.

Realme X7 launch date is set for September 1. The announcement of the promotion, which will take place over the internet at 14:00 local time, was made in Weibo.

There will be two models, Realme X7 and X7 Pro. The AMOLED screen of the phone, which has 5G support, will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is emphasized that these features belong to the Pro model, the standard model will still offer a 120 Hz refresh rate, but will come with an LCD panel.

One of the most anticipated points is fast charging. Because it is said that this phone can come with 125W fast charging technology.

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