Realme Works on 100W Fast Charge Technology


Realme Works on 100W Fast Charge Technology

Realme brings a new breath to the race of fast charging technology among smartphone manufacturers. The company that registered the Realme SuperDart brand is working on 100 W fast charging technology.

With the development of technology, smartphone manufacturers have begun to compete with each other much more harshly in many areas. Another point where smartphone manufacturers collide with each other is the battery. Companies, which are gradually increasing their battery capacity, are also developing fast charging technologies to charge them more quickly.

Oppo now offers the most advanced fast charging technology on the market. Offering 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging technology, Oppo can fully charge the battery inside the Reno Ace’s 4000 mAh capacity in just half an hour when it’s empty. Oppo’s sister company Realme is among other companies trying to follow Oppo’s technology. The technology that the company calls SuperDart will take fast charging technology to a new dimension.

Realme SuperDart will offer 100W fast charge support.

According to reports, Oppo, which has the best fast charging technology in the market, is trying to reach 100 W fast charging technology by taking this technology further, but Realme is closer to this target. Some images show that Realme is applying for a new trademark. The company that registered the Realme SuperDart brand is thought to be on the new fast charging technology.

The SuperDart brand to which Realme applies is the 100 W fast charging technology the company is working on. According to the information, if the company does not work on 100 W fast charging technology, a technology over 66 W fast charging technology will be introduced under the Realme SuperDart brand. In addition, Huawei, Oppo, Realme and Xiaomi, as well as brands such as Vivo 120W Super Flash Charging technology is preparing to introduce next year.

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