Realme Will Launch A Tablet Along With A Laptop


Realme has recently marked its first laptop. The company seems to be releasing a tablet along with its laptop. Realme’s head of marketing, Francis Wong, asked his followers’ opinion on the name of the new tablet on his Twitter account.

The options Wong offered to his followers were Realme Pad and Tab. Realme Tab, which received 50.6 percent of the 4 thousand 317 games given in the survey, which was very close, was the winner.

What is known about Realme’s tablet is quite limited for now. However, it is among the possibilities that the tablet will be offered under the Dizo brand. It seems almost certain that the device will work with the Android system.

Realme’s plans to expand its product portfolio seem to be talked about a little more frequently in the coming period. While the company is likely to introduce its first laptop at the global launch of the GT 5G, it looks like the tablet will have to wait a little longer.