Realme Watch S Pro Receives IMDA Certification


This year’s rising market is Realme in the field of wearable technology. IMDA certification was obtained for the company’s Watch S Pro smart watch.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic had a very negative impact on some products such as smartphones. The wearable technology market continues to stand firmly in this process. Firms are also focusing more on this area.

The increase in interest in wearable technologies has also mobilized companies. This year, Realme also made its big break with the Realme Watch and true wireless headphones. The company’s new smart watch seems to come soon.

Realme Watch S Pro is coming

The company’s new smart watch called Realme Watch S Pro may be available in the near future. Today the firm paid a visit to Singapore for IMDA certification. This visit was of course not a random visit.

Thanks to a listing recently on the FCC, we have an idea of ​​what to expect from the watch. According to North American officials, the Realme smartwatch will have a round screen and two physical buttons. These buttons will be located on the right side of the watch. The watch will have a silicone strap.

In the first version, we saw that the design of the clock was square. It looks like Realme will also try new designs in its new watch. The new wearable technology will come with a 1.39 inch AMOLED display. The screen resolution will be 454×454 pixels, which is quite high for a device of this size. According to the FCC, the weight of the smartwatch will be 64.5 grams and will contain a 420 mAh battery.

Realme Watch S Pro comes with many features

As we are used to in the field of smart watches, Realme’s new device will also have many sports and health-oriented features. Features such as pedometer and sleep tracking will also be available at this watch. In addition, there will be many different sensors on the watch. These will include different sensors such as gyroscope, geomagnetic, optical pulse, and ambient light sensor.

According to the FCC, this watch will not be a simple product and will not be too dependent on the phone. The device with Bluetooth, GPS and Glonass support will eventually become a Pro device. According to him, the price of the smart watch with advanced features can be expected to be high.


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