Realme wants to open stores worldwide from 2021


Realme has ambitious plans for 2021 and, after growing in the online market, the company is ready to expand its operations in physical stores. According to CEO Li Bingzhong, the manufacturer plans to start opening points of sale globally this year.

The information was revealed in a letter published by the executive on the internet. According to Bingzhong, the plan to invest in physical stores is the next step for the company to reach the top of the smartphone market, a dream that seems increasingly possible.

After an 800% growth in 2019, the company closed last year as the fastest growing manufacturer in the smartphone market. The company has sold more than 50 million devices globally and has expanded its operations to offer products in more than 60 countries, including Brazil.

According to the company commander, Realme’s next step is to open “thousands” of points of sale globally starting this year. The first store focused entirely on selling the company’s products will open in the near future, according to the executive.

As in the company’s online operations, physical stores will bring smartphones and “AIoT” products, which include IoT solutions with connected and intelligent functions. Realme also intends to continue focusing on young people in its market strategy.

In addition, the company wants to invest heavily in 5G smartphones and promises to bring more solutions with the connection standard to the market. One of the manufacturer’s missions is to accelerate the growth of the mobile internet in our country, so, possibly, we will have great news coming from the Chinese brand during the year to Brazil.


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