Realme TV, Expected to be Introduced Soon, Receives Google Certification


Realme TV, which is expected to introduce the Chinese technology company Realme soon, came up with a certificate from Google. With the certificate, the future of the television with the Android TV operating system has become clear.

Realme, one of the rising technology companies of recent times, is getting ready to launch a smart TV this time beside its many devices. However, the device, called Realme TV, will actually be launched in the second quarter in India, but the company’s plans have also been disrupted due to the coronavirus.

Realme, who experienced a delay due to coronavirus, continues to move forward on this path without surprise. The company, which wants to deliver its new television to buyers as soon as possible, has received a new certificate for its television today. Moreover, this certificate revealed which operating system the television would have.

It will come with Android TV operating system:
According to the certificate shared by the Android TV Guide on Twitter, Realme TV won a certificate called ‘ikebukuro’. This certificate, which Realme TV won, was given to it by Google. In this way, Realme’s smart television has come to be certain with the Android TV operating system.

Starting out with the code name on the list, Android TV Guide said that Realme TV could be produced by ChangHong, the second largest television producer in China. He also added that Realme TV will have an MStar T16 processor.

Realme TV, which is said to have Android TV operating system, will of course also have access to Google Play Store. Thus, users will be able to install the application they want on Android TVs. In addition, it is among the claims that Realme TV will also have the support of Google Assistant.

Realme TV did not only include the name Realme in the certificate it received from Google. Along with Realme, television producers such as Vu, BenQ, Micromax and Thomson were included in the certificate list. Realme TV, which stands out in the list, is expected to be released in two models of 43 inches and 32 inches.


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