realme takes action for WhatsApp training


The whole world is in motion for the Corona virus pandemic. With the increase of cases in our country, measures have increased in both individual and institutional areas. Companies are trying to raise the awareness of citizens with the steps they take. One of these companies is realme, which recently entered our country. realme rolled up his sleeves for WhatsApp training.

realme is teaching WhatsApp
Citizens over a certain age are undoubtedly experiencing the biggest problem in communication in this period, which affects the whole world and the citizens are socially isolated by the call of the authorities #evdekal. realme started to support this with WhatsApp training. The company provides information and training support to citizens over 65 years of age regarding the use of WhatsApp software, regardless of phone brands, so that they can continue to meet with their children and grandchildren without any problems.

realme WhatsApp training will be given by the end of April according to the plans. Citizens over the age of 65 call realme’s customer service number 08504338588, providing information on how to download WhatsApp, which is the most used chat and video call program independent of the phone brand, how to make a chat on WhatsApp, how to make a voice and video call It will mediate their closeness to their children and grandchildren during the isolation period.

In this context, information will be provided for those who do not have internet service at home, such as opening the data line, using it and pricing it before operators.


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