Realme shows camera phone under the screen


Smartphone maker Realme may launch a camera phone under the screen soon. One of the firm’s top executives released a teaser on the social network Weibo showing that the company is working on a smartphone of this type.

Realme’s vice president, Xu Qi, published on Weibo an image showing the screen of the company’s mobile phone that has a front camera under the display. The product does not have a notch and, apparently, also does not use a retractable system.

The executive did not provide additional details about the device, just said he “found the device” at Realme’s research and development center. Therefore, the specifications, release date and price of the camera phone under the brand’s screen are still a mystery.


Previously, Realme has already launched a cell phone that makes great use of the front of the device, but uses a retractable camera. The device in question is Realme X, which even has a Spider-Man themed version.

The investment in a camera phone under the screen can be another way for the company to remain competitive and growing in the mobile market. The technique of placing an image sensor under the display promises to become increasingly common in the smartphone industry.

Recently, manufacturer ZTE launched the Axon 20 5G, which is the first smartphone to bring a camera under the screen. Xiaomi is also already working on a technology to place the image sensor under the display and promises to equip a cell phone with the novelty in 2021.

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