realme powerbank is introduced! Charging speed surprises


realme powerbank features have been announced. The company introduced its new products at the event. It introduced powerbank models along with other products that attract attention with affordable smartphones and devices. Each product managed to attract attention with its price.

At the same event, smart watch, smart television and two wireless headphones were introduced. These devices also attracted attention with their affordable prices and features. The company has been fiercely competing in many product categories.

realme powerbank features
Realme, which also operates in our country, continues to work for its new products. The company, which introduced two different power banks, made a name for itself regarding speed. The models named realme Dart and Power Bank 2 both have a 10,000 mAh battery. The speed of charging the model called darts and charging another device is at the speed of a flagship model.

Dart powerbank has a charging speed of 30W. This charging speed is remarkably high compared to the speed of many phones today. The other model Power Bank 2 has a charging speed of 18W. In this model, the charging speed will be 18W in both charging and charging. The price of the second model was announced with the realme powerbank features, which are stated to be able to charge two devices simultaneously. Power Bank 2 price was announced as 999 Indian rupees ($ 13).


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