Realme introduces new Buds Air Pro and Wireless Pro


Realme Buds announced its new wireless headphones named Air Pro and Wireless Pro at the Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things event it organized today. Both earphones come with active noise canceling feature.

Realme has released three fully wireless headphones so far. Buds Air Pro, which is a follower of Buds Air, Buds Air Neo and Buds Q, is the first member of this group to have active noise canceling feature.

According to the information given by Realme, Buds Air Pro has noise canceling feature up to 35 dB. Microphones named FeedBack and FeedForward are used for this in the headset. These microphones collect ambient sound outside and inside the ears, then create noise-canceling sound waves.

realme buds air pro

However, it is not recommended to block the ambient noise while driving or walking. For this reason, Buds Air Pro has Transparent Mode, which also allows you to hear ambient sound. Thus, it becomes possible for users to be aware of what is happening around them. Buds Air Pro has environmental noise cancellation to hear clearer voices in calls. This feature also reduces the surrounding sound.

28mm on Buds Air Pro. Includes S1 processor. With an improved Game Mode, the headset has a low latency of 94ms. 10 mm at each ear cup weighing 5 grams. It has a Bass Boost driver.

The capacity of the oriental box weighing 39.5 grams is 486 mAh. According to the information given by Realme, users are offered a 25-hour battery life with active noise canceling off. When the active noise canceling feature is activated, this period is reduced to 20 hours. Charging the charging case for just 10 minutes gives the headset enough energy for 3 hours of listening to music. One hour is required for a full charge.

Realme Buds Air Pro comes with touch controls and voice command support. For the first time in the Buds Air series, users are offered silicone ear tips for passive noise cancellation.

How much do I have to pay for Realme Buds Air?

Realme Buds Air Pro has features such as smart detection, Bluetooth 5.0, Google Fast Pair, IPX4 water resistance certification, more effective Game Mode, Bass Boost + Mode. Wireless charging support in Buds Air is not available in Buds Air Pro.

Two different color options are offered for Realme Buds Air Pro, Rock Black and Spirit White. The wireless headset will go on sale in India on October 16th. It will write 4999 rupees on the price tag.

Realme Buds Wireless Pro promises 22 hours of music enjoyment

Realme Buds Wireless Pro takes over the flag from Buds Wireless, which was released last year. The prominent feature of Buds Wireless Pro is active noise canceling. The headset with LDAC codec support can stream audio up to 990Kbps over Bluetooth.

By double-tapping the multi-function button on the Buds Wireless Pro, you can easily switch between the devices that the headset is connected to. 13.6 mm. The headset with Bass Boost drivers offers 119ms latency in Game Mode.

Earhooks on Buds Wireless are not available on Buds Wireless Pro. Carrying a 160 mAh battery, the headset offers 22 hours of music listening with active noise canceling off. When active noise cancellation is activated, this period is reduced to 16 hours.

Buds Wireless Pro, weighing 33 grams, has an IPX4 water resistance certificate. Environmental noise canceling feature in Buds Air Pro is also available in Buds Wireless Pro. Bass Boost + Mode of the headset can also be activated through the Realme Link application.

Two color options are offered for Realme Buds Wireless Pro, called Party Yellow and Disco Green. The phone, which will be sold for 3999 rupees, will hit the market in India on October 16th.


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