Realme GT 2 Pro: Check Out What’s New On Mobile


Realme made official, this Monday (20), some details about the Realme GT 2 Pro. The company’s first top-of-the-line will be the world’s first cell phone with biobased materials.

The smartphone will have an ecological footprint and a design that was thought of by artist Naoto Fukasawa. The back was developed with a biopolymer that uses plant materials, unlike traditional plastics made with petroleum. The device’s housing also had a reduction in its plastic composition, going from 21.7% to just 0.3%.


In terms of hardware, details about the cameras were revealed. The device will be the first in the world to have a 150° wide-angle lens, which can expand the field of view by up to 278%. With this, the cell phone will be able to capture very deep images of landscapes.

In addition, the device will also have a “fisheye” mode. The feature, which comes for the first time for mobile phones, is based on the lens of the photography industry and serves to produce a great perspective or depth effect with a large field of view. See, below, an example of a photo taken with the mode turned on.


To improve the gaming experience and overall usability, the device’s performance was thought of in a particular way. Therefore, the Realme GT 2 Pro was equipped with the “Antenna Array Matrix System”, a technology that promises to improve internet connection and connectivity. The system combines 3 features:

Ultra-wide Band HyperSmart Antenna Switching: which supports access to many frequency bands. In all, 48 global bands from over 150 countries and regions are supported. The promise is a sign “anywhere”. The device also has 12 antennas spread across its body, which prevents them from being blocked during gambling, for example.
Wi-Fi Enhancer: The phone has a symmetrical Wi-Fi antenna design that allows it to receive Wi-Fi signals from any direction. The smartphone has Wi-Fi 6 connection, supports Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi acceleration overlay.
NFC 360°: the novelty allows NFC communication technology (very used for payments) to be used at any angle on the device. The device’s NFC area has been increased by 500% and steering improved by 20%.