Realme comes with an in screen front camera phone


The ZTE Axon 20 5G was introduced earlier this month and earned the title of “The world’s first smartphone with a front camera embedded in the display”. Other companies have been working on this technology for a while. One of these companies is Realme.

Realme’s vice president, Xu Qi Chase, shared a smartphone photo on Weibo. There is no notch or camera hole on the screen of the phone in question. Chase also emphasizes that there is no pop-up camera mechanism in the device in the comment section below the photo. This means that the in-screen camera technology is used on the phone.

It’s worth noting that Realme is not completely alien to the screen without notches or camera holes. In the Realme X, which was introduced in July, the front camera of the phone was placed in the opening mechanism.

However, in other phones that Realme released later, he did not prefer the pop-up front camera mechanism. The previous statements made by Realme Europe and India CEO Madhav Sheth also suggest that the company does not look very favorably on this technology. There is currently no clue as to when the company will introduce in-screen camera technology to users.

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