Realme CEO Unveiled Realme Smart Watch in New Video


Smart device manufacturer Realme, which has become very popular in a short time, also produces products other than smart phones. According to the company’s CEO, Madhav Sheth, the company’s new products are in production, including a smart watch.

Technology companies often choose to announce their names in different ways. Apple CEO Steve Jobs melted the company into a single pot with his own image. A similar method is now using Realme.

Madhav Sheth, CEO of the company, is coming to the consumers with a series called “Ask Madhav” (Ask Madhav) on YouTube.

Unannounced smart watch
The clock that appeared on Madhav Sheth’s arm in the YouTube video has not yet been officially introduced. On the other hand, the design of the Realme smartwatch is quite reminiscent of the Apple Watch as we are used to.

Realme’s wristband, Realme Band, is currently on the market. This product was released earlier this month. It is not surprising that Realme smartwatch is a natural continuation of this product.

Sheth, on the other hand, was not willing to explain much detail about the new product. All he said about the clock was, “Now it will be on my wrist, soon on your wrist.” Then he moved on to the next question.

Realme comes with new products
There are new comments made by Madhav Sheth later in the video. Realme CEO announced that the company will also produce Bluetooth speakers and televisions in the future. Sheth, who did not make a new statement about these products, made statements only about the future of the products.

Nevertheless, it was a good change for a company to be so outspoken about its new products. Companies such as Samsung, Google and OnePlus are working hard to hide their new products. In this sense, Realme’s attitude is very interesting.

We do not have any new information about the smart watch yet. As we receive new information about these devices, we will share them with you. Keep following us until then.


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