‘Realme C3s’ Smart Phone on the road certificate


Realme, ‘Realme C2s’ smart phone named after the announcement of a new model has already received days after the certificate. It is said that the new products that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will introduce to the users in the near future will make a lot of noise.

Recently, Realme’nin ‘Realme C2s’, a new smart phone called Taylan’da made a news about the introduction. A new certification for Realme C3s indicates that the company continues to work on a top model without slowing down.

Certification for Realme C3s:
As can be seen in the resulting certificate, the model number of the Realme C3s smartphone is ‘RMX2020’. No details have yet been revealed, but the new smartphone is expected to be a variation of the Realme C3. The difference between the RAM and storage space of the devices is thought to be almost the same as between the Realme C2s and Realme C2 models.

Realme, in China, the event “X50 5G” model device with the introduction of several new products. It is anticipated that the company will soon organize an event in India and will introduce its first fitness watch. In addition, the Realme C2 is expected to be introduced at the same event.

Realme has recently been certified for the 50 X50 5G ’:
Realme, the country’s event, the first smartphone offering 5G support introduced the Realme X50 model. The device offered by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, 5G feature, as well as the equipment has been able to attract great interest. Realme will continue to invest in smartphones that support 5G connectivity. In addition, other information revealed that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is working on another device with the model number RMX2025.

Realme has achieved the MIT certification, which must be obtained in China for its new 5G device. For this reason, technology experts, Realme’s new smartphone will be available to users in the near future.


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