Realme Announces Which Phones Will Get Android 11 Update


Chinese smartphone maker Realme has announced that both the Realme X series and Realme Pro series will receive the Android 11 update. The next generation operating system is expected to be released in September 2020.

Francis Wang, marketing manager for Realme, one of the rising players in the smartphone market, said in response to a user on Twitter that the Realme X series will receive two major updates. Another user asked the same question in Realme Pro. Wang said both series will receive major updates.

The Chinese company’s update cycle will include Realme X, Realme XT, Realme X2, Realme X2 Pro in the X series. In the Pro series, Realme 5 Pro, Realme 3 Pro and Realme X2 Pro models will receive updates. Reports on Realme’s current update calendar suggest that the Android 11 update will reach most devices early next year.

“Realme X series and Realme Pro series will receive two major updates”
Meanwhile, Android 10 updates continue to be released for most Realme devices. Dark theme, smart response in all messaging apps, stealth mode for Google Maps, ‘Focus Mode’ where users can choose apps they don’t want to receive notifications for a certain period of time, and advanced parental control are among the highlights of the new software update. Users will also be able to take a screenshot by swiping three fingers down on the screen with Android 10.

It is not yet clear when Google will release Android 11; however, the company’s current update schedule marks September 2020. We expect the details of the next generation operating system to be clear during the Google I / O conference, to be held from 12-14 May.


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