Realme 9 Pro Has A Visual Revealed With Color Changing Technology


Realme 9 Pro: The manufacturer realme presented this Wednesday (2) the look of its next smartphone, the realme 9 Pro. It will be the next model launched in its numerical series, which has already had the Realme 9i launched on the market.

The highlight of the phone is the Light Shift technology, which makes the back of the device change from red to blue in a few seconds when exposed to the sun. This effect is possible thanks to the photochromic principle, which also uses organic materials capable of reacting to ultraviolet rays.

According to the brand, the change takes place in up to three seconds in a directly lit environment. Away from light, the device returns to blue in a period of between 2 and 5 minutes.

The manufacturing process is considered complicated as it involves dealing with the layer thickness of photochromic materials and performing various performance tests. In the end, the device body received two layers in addition to the glass, one of organic material and another focused on color change, which increases the color rendering rate by 40%.