realme 8 Pro, The Phone Capable Of Capturing Infinity


realme 8 Pro: Among the various characteristics evaluated by consumers when choosing a new smartphone, the camera quality and the period away from the shot certainly stand out. If charging time is as short as possible, point extra for product.

There is a novelty that combines high technology and durability at a competitive price: the realme 8 Pro, which arrived in Brazil with differentials that promise to conquer even the most demanding public.

This is the fourth device launched by the Chinese company that landed on national territory earlier this year, and, compared to its predecessors, it is thinner and lighter, ensuring a comfortable grip and taking up little space in the pocket.

Don’t be fooled by the size, as it is an extremely powerful device. Starting with its 4,500 milliampere battery, equipped with 50 watt SuperDart technology, which takes a charge from 0% to 50% in just 17 minutes.

Thanks to the accompanying 65 watt charger – which can be used by the whole family on different devices – it is possible, with just 8 minutes of charging, to enjoy up to 4 hours of calls, 11 hours of music or 3 hours of social networks .

In short, any quick reload is capable of keeping the 8 Pro realme active for a good amount of time. In addition, according to the company, with 100% of the battery charged it is possible to use it intensely for a whole day.

A good battery is essential for any good experience, but another factor makes the launch worthy of attention: the camera, which is simply the one with the most megapixels in the world.

capture the infinite

The realme 8 Pro’s optics have four rear cameras: in addition to the impressive 108 megapixel resolution – three times greater than 8K –, a B&W for image overlay effects, a macro (which allows you to photograph close objects with a high level of details) and a wide angle.

With realme 8 pro there’s no problem capturing things that are far or very close. The smartphone meets any need with unparalleled performance, including the modes it offers, powered by the Snapdragon 720G processor.

While Super Nightscape, combining proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence, promises stunning shots at night or in low light, Smart ISO automatically adjusts the image’s ISO according to the environment.

Tilt-Shift blurs the edges of the image and Starry takes amazing pictures of the sky, both of which can be applied to time-lapse videos, something unheard of in the industry. Portrait and selfie features obviously weren’t left out.

Another difference is the possibility of creating fun recordings with Dual View mode, which activates the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

All this on the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, FHD+ resolution and 1,000 nits of peak brightness, which will let you display your records vividly and vividly even in the midday sun.

Overcoming challenges

The super-modern design is another reason to check out the 8 Pro realme. Its back has an AG-Crystal finish inspired by the starry night sky, precisely to match the Starry Night photo and video mode. Such result, with a smooth touch and good texture, was achieved after the development of new processes by the manufacturer.

The realme UI 2.0 from the factory, operating system based on Android 11, allows an immense capacity for customization for you to make your smartphone the way you like it.

So, were you impressed with this new option? Well, know that she has a few more trump cards. For example, the screen has an Always On mode, through which, even when at rest, the cell phone keeps showing information such as time or notifications, eliminating the constant activation of the display and saving energy.

And its ultra-fast biometric sensor – one of the best on the market, according to the company itself – is under the screen, ensuring greater image utilization.

Be sure to consider the realme 8 Pro in your research, a product from the seventh largest smartphone company in the world and which has a good after-sales partner in Brazil, in addition to a 0800 always available.

It’s worth taking a look at the brand’s options and experimenting. Realme 8 pro is available at Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime with a launch price: R$2,599.00 for R$2,099.00.

After all, resisting a device with so many advantages is a real challenge (perhaps no more than keeping it on stand by when there are so many amazing pictures to take out there). Let’s capture the infinite?