Realme 7 and X7 Pro, MediaTek processors


Realme 7 and X7 Pro phones have just been made official in Taiwan. These devices reach the other end of the Asian market in order to provide users with the opportunity to purchase new devices compatible with 5G connection technology.

This is thanks to the fact that the manufacturer chose to work in partnership with MediaTek, which supplies the Dimensity chipsets present in the models, with only the version variation due to the fact that each one is focused on a specific audience and has the price range focused on different markets.

The Realme 7 model arrives with the objective of serving the public that seeks intermediaries, which is the main work niche of the manufacturer. It has the Dimensity 800U chip, giving an attractive processing in general, since the product performance of this line of platforms from MediaTek makes the device cost-effective.

The Realme X7 Pro model comes with the most premium version of the chipset, the Dimensity 1000 Plus, which is about to be made official in India. The fact that it is the most premium phone, ends up being more interesting for those who are used to the performance delivered by high-end smartphones.

Realme 7 is being marketed for NT $ 9,990 (~ R $ 1,853), while the X7 Pro handset is sold for NT $ 13,999 (~ R $ 2,597). The arrival of handsets in Taiwan will help the company to grow further in the region, where it is currently the fifth largest cellphone maker.


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