The Most Realistic Concept Design Prepared For iPhone 12


A new concept design was prepared for the iPhone 12 model, which Apple is expected to announce in the fall. The concept design has been created in a very realistic way, contrary to what has emerged to date.

US-based technology giant Apple will introduce new iPhone models to consumers in autumn. As such, technical critics and the names that stand out with their leaks are locked to iPhone 12 . Because the iPhone 11 did not cause much excitement in terms of both design and hardware.

Perhaps the most remarkable of the claims made about the iPhone 12 is the design of the new phones . Allegedly, the iPhone 12 will have design lines similar to the iPhone 5 series , one of the company’s most popular models . Many concept designs about this design have been prepared to date. However, almost all of these concept designs had much more than real features.

Now, a new iPhone 12 concept has been shared. However, this concept does not have perverse features such as concept studies that have emerged to date. The designers wanted to create the most realistic iPhone 12 they could and they created a very reasonable and possible concept design. Let us immediately go into the details of this realistic concept design.

The concept design, created by a YouTube channel called “The Hacker 34″, reveals two different iPhone 12s ranging from 6.1 to 6.8 inches . Panels with 120 Hz screen refresh rate are used in both of these phones . In addition, these screens offer consumers a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels.

The notch on the screen of the realistic iPhone 12 concept doesn’t just come with the front camera and handset. Apple fills the notch section with various sensors on many iPhone models, and The Hacker 34 is not far from this reality. So much so that the iPhone 12 design; It includes an infrared camera, light sensor and other necessary components for Face ID .

The Hacker 34 also made the camera features of the iPhone 12 very reasonable in its concept design. According to the designer, iPhone 12; It comes with 12 MP resolution main camera, 12 MP resolution ultra wide angle camera, 12 MP resolution telephoto camera and ToF sensor. This 3 + 1 camera setup seems extremely possible considering Apple’s existing products.

Apple uses a new processor on every iPhone model. These processors usually consist of sequential numbers. In this context, it is thought that the iPhone 12 series will come with a processor called ” Bionic A14 ” manufactured by Apple . However, it is also stated in the concept design that the A14 will have 5G support.

In the summer, Apple will release its new operating system , iOS 14 . So far, we have not had a clear knowledge of this operating system, but according to the information contained in the iPhone 12 concept, iOS 14 will have multiple application support. So users will be able to run 2 apps on their iPhone at the same time with iOS 14 . It is not known how much this design will reflect the truth, but we can clearly say that this is the most reasonable iPhone 12 concept to date.

The most realistic iPhone 12 concept to date:


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