Real Madrid is infallible on penalties since Cristiano Ronaldo left


Real Madrid beat Leganés on Wednesday for a convincing 5-0 but two of the many of the merengues came from the penalty spot, a facet in which the meringues are standing out especially in the last two seasons when Sergio Ramos has become the team specialist from eleven meters.

Precisely the central de Camas scored 3-0 from eleven meters although with some help from the VAR, since Juan Soriano stopped the penalty in the first instance but was sent to repeat because the goalkeeper had advanced. Ramos did not fail the second and already has 9 goals of 0 penalties thrown since Cristiano Ronaldo left, who previously monopolized the penalties.

However, Benzema also threw a new penalty in the second half that the center gave him and failed either. The Frenchman has scored the 6 penalties he has thrown with the Real Madrid shirt, 4 since CR7 went to Juventus and so did Bale with 1 penalty of 1 attempt.

The truth is that since the Portuguese left, the meringues have a 100% effectiveness from eleven meters with the shots of Ramos, Benzema and Bale, while in his nine seasons at the club, Ronaldo scored 79 of 92 penalties thrown , which represents a success rate of 85.8%.

In fact, in the two seasons in Juventus, Ronaldo has failed to have 100% success in this facet, since he has thrown 9 penalties but one of them failed and that leaves him with 88.8% of success, numbers similar to those left at Real Madrid, which at least in the maximum penalties does not miss the top scorer in its history.


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