‘Real’: Amanda Seales Says She Was Hired to Be a ‘Villain’


Real Madrid is over, but the series remains the main topic of conversation. The final episode featured a video montage of the show’s best moments. One of the co-hosts who was noticeably absent from the show and the montage was Amanda Seales. Seales has made it clear that she feels insulted, and also says that the reason she was hired was to be the bad guy from the company.

Amanda Seales says she thought she was hired in the “Present” to stir up conversations, and instead she was hired to be a villain.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Seales said that at the beginning of her contract with The Real, she realized that he was not suitable for her. After the expiration of the six-month contract, she decided not to renew it and explained that the show does not nourish her soul, the producers forbid her to talk about certain topics, and also believe that the working environment is toxic.

In addition, she says she quickly realized that the reason she was hired contradicted what her supervisors had told her. She explained:

You begin to realize that what you have been told is not what it really is. And that’s it. I thought I was brought there to raise conversations, I was told they wanted more conversations about things happening in zygotes, about social justice, etc. Then I found out that I wasn’t actually brought there for that, that was part of it, but actually I was brought there. to be a villain because the women in this series basically started not having opinions about things because they really didn’t want to deal with the internet backlash and they wanted to just keep things cool. Besides, they had been there so long that they always knew what they were going to say to each other. So they brought me there to shake the table.

She was excluded from the editing of the final episode.

In honor of the success of the show, a video montage of the best and most memorable moments was shown in the final issue. All presenters, past and present, were presented without Silza.

She replaced Tamar Braxton in the fifth co-host chair a few years after Braxton was fired from the show in 2016. Her addition caused controversy at times, and some fans also felt that she was too real for the show, since there was no show. I had a serious subtext before she joined.

On June 4, Seales wrote on Instagram that he had been expelled. “It looks like The Real made a promo in their final episode, and I’m not on this thumbnail, and I’m not in the final episode either. I’ll have something to say about it later,” she said with a laugh. “Oh baby, I must have really been out just shaking the table.”

Amanda Seales says She was deliberately excluded from the final episode of “The Present”

Seales says the reason she was excluded from the show was deliberate. The Insecure star says she confirmed this to people who are working on the series and spoke to Mai and Bailon, who, she said, were furious that she was left out. As for why Braxton was included despite her abrupt departure, Seales offered an explanation.

“Tamara had problems, but allegedly she apologized to them, that’s why she was turned on, and I have nothing to apologize for,” she said. “They owe me an apology. The management of this show should apologize to me… In the end, they made the decision to do the right thing in this case, and they decided not to do it… When you have the opportunity to do the right thing with the people you have offended, take advantage of it.”

Despite this, Seales says she contributed to the creation of the space and had to be represented. Additionally, she says her complaints caused big changes to the show after she left, including the show hiring a black woman executive producer to run the show.