Reading tip: 5 books with surprising endings


Anyone who likes to read knows that when a story is well developed, the reader is able to head into that universe proposed by the author. When you find something good to read you are immersed in the plot, imagine voices, scenarios, and are anxious to know the outcome of the story.

When you reach the end of a book, emotions can be the most diverse. You are happy with the ending where everything went right, you cry when your favorite character dies, or you are impacted when the ending is unlike anything you were expecting.

Books with surprising endings are able to trap us with each turnaround, in addition to bringing a unique sensation, which only an impactful ending can provide.

If you love a good book, but have nothing to read, we have 7 suggestions that will leave you “jaw-dropping”. Check out.

1. Exemplary Girl, Gillian Flynn

Perhaps the most famous book on the list, having already been adapted for theaters, Girl Exemplar begins with the disappearance of Amy Dunne, in what appears to have been a kidnapping with violent tones. Soon, Nick, her husband, became the prime suspect, with the police and the media putting great pressure on the case to be resolved.

The story is told from two different points of view, one by Nick and the other told by Amy’s vision. Filled with mysteries, half truths and with a disturbing ending, Girl Exemplar has one of the most surprising endings of recent times in books.

2. Until You Are Mine, Samantha Hayes

Claudia is pregnant. She is married to James, a United States Navy officer who is on military service, distant from his pregnant wife. To help Cláudia, the couple decides to hire a nanny, Zoe, who apparently wanted the job very much.

However, after Zoe moves in with the couple, they realize that she has some hidden reason to try to get close to Claudia, especially after violent attacks on pregnant women begin to happen in the region.

Even You Are Mine is full of suspense and tension from the start and with great twists and turns on each page, holding the reader’s attention and leading to a shocking and surprising ending.

3. They Deserve Death, Peter Swanson

An excellent book for those who enjoy suspense, persecution, psychological tension and police investigation. The plot begins with the meeting of two strangers while waiting for their flight home. Ted and Lily start a conversation with a joke of revealing each other’s big secrets. Ted reveals that he has betrayed his wife and that he intends to kill her. Surprisingly Lily says that she wants to help with the plan. Even more surprising is that in the other narrative presented in the book, we see Miranda, Ted’s wife, also plotting a plan, alongside her lover, to kill Ted.

From there, a real cat and mouse race develops where each step needs to be carried out carefully, or the plans may end up getting out of control. Even more so with the police investigating and monitoring the acts of the two couples.

4. November 63, Stephen King

Stephen King is always a good option for anyone looking for a good thing to read, especially in a book where the basis of the plot is to show that just one moment can completely change people’s lives. So it is in November 63, a book that accompanies Jake, a professor in a small US town, who was recruited to prevent the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy. To carry out the mission, he needs to go through a portal that takes him to the past, more precisely for 1958.

There, he starts a new life in another city. where he ends up getting involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK killer. This unpredictable plot, with good tones of terror and suspense, shows how a detail can change the course of the whole world.

5. Bad Girl, William March

This book, originally published in 1954, is a great choice of books to read in 2021, and poses a big question about human nature: are we all born innocent or are we corrupted by the world around us?

Starting from that point, the controversial novel written by William March travels on a journey accompanying little Rhoda, a child of just 8 years who may be responsible for the death of a schoolmate. Rhoda’s mother begins to study psychopathic behavior to understand more about her daughter’s mind. Has Rhoda been born with evil within?