Reading the script for Lee Dong Wook’s Single in Seoul


The production team of the film Single in Seoul recently released photos from the script reading session with the starring cast led by Lee Dong Wook, Im Soo Jung, and Esom.

The romantic-style feature film will be directed by Park Bum Soo and will portray the encounter between a man and a woman with completely opposite personalities, but who have injuries from past loves in common.

In Single in Seoul, the talented Lee Dong Wook plays Park Young Ho, a famous and pretentious influencer who enjoys his single lifestyle so much that he receives an offer to write a book about him.

Park Young Ho (Lee Dong Wook) meets Joo Hyun Jin (Im Soo Jung), an editor-in-chief in charge of the essay series Single in the City. She is an intuitive professional who is skilled at her job but needs guidance when it comes to dating.

Lee Dong Wook and Im Soo briefly worked together in the drama Search: WWW

Also featured in the pictures is actress Esom, who is only known to play a mysterious bestselling writer who has no regrets about pursuing her own ideas of happiness.

Featured in the plot are Jang Hyun Sung as Jin Pyo, the president of the company that will make the offer to Park Young Ho (Lee Dong Wook) to write the book accompanied by his colleague Kyung Ah played by Kim Ji Young.

Actress Lee Mi Do will play Yoon Jung, Joo Hyun Jin’s co-worker, while Lee Sang Yi plays a clueless intern named Byung Soo.

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