Reaction of 1975 to rumors of collaboration with Taylor Swift


Matt Healy responded to recent rumors about a possible collaboration between The 1975 and Taylor Swift.

Back in 2019, Healy said he wanted to release an “intimate acoustic album” for Swift. Later, the frontman explained that he did not take the opportunity to ask the pop star to unite in the project when their paths crossed at the 2020 NME Awards.

Last month, Healy appeared as an invited guest on the “leaked” track list of Swift’s 10th album “Midnights” (released on October 21), which he later confirmed was a fake. Swift has since fully revealed the album’s song titles online.

In response, Healy tweeted, “Guys, you really thought Taylor Swift would put me on her album [laughing face emojis].”

During yesterday’s The 1975 session at the Live Lounge (October 11), BBC Radio 1 asked Healy if he could share any details about a possible Swift/’75 collaboration.

“Oh no, we don’t [work together],” he replied. “We’d like to… we’d like to work with Taylor Swift. [I] love Taylor Swift… I think she’s one of the best songwriters. Yes, no… we didn’t do that. We’d love to, wouldn’t we?”

Drummer George Daniel replied, “Yes, please.”

Healy went on to joke that Swift “probably” watched their interview and “yearned for the 1975 track.”

Before settling on a cover of Take That “A Million Love Songs“, The 1975 tried out a version of Swift’s 2019 single “Lover” for Live Lounge Month 2022. See two snippets of their Radio 1 interview below.

Swift’s longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff worked on the fifth album of The 1975 “Being Funny In A Foreign Language”, which is released on Friday (October 14). Antonoff was also involved in the creation of “Midnights,” Swift recently confirmed.

In the summer, Healy told how Swift reacted to hearing “Being Funny…”.

Although The 1975 do not appear on “Midnights”, the album will include a joint song with Lana Del Rey called “Snow On The Beach“.

In a new video on social media, Taylor Swift said that she is “such a big fan of Lana Del Rey,” and talked about the meaning of the joint track.

“Snow on the Beach” is about falling in love with someone at the same time they fall in love with you,” she explained.



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