Reaction from XRP Investors to Popular Stock Market


XRP Forensics, the data firm that analyzed transactions on XRP investors and XRP Ledger, made a hard accusation against the popular cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC. XRP Forensics states that the popular cryptocurrency exchange does not block transactions of suspicious and possibly criminals, despite all warnings and detections.

HitBTC does not block suspicious XRP transactions

HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange was targeted in the continuation of the statement “sometimes we stop following money laundering and give up” shared on the account of the relevant company. Implying that some of the virtual asset service providers (VASP) do not care about this situation, blockchain data analysts have requested to stop a suspicious transaction by directly sharing account information.

HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange, on the other hand, responded immediately, emphasizing that in case of a possible illegal transaction detection, it should be reported to both the support team and local authorities. The investors reacted when the analyst firm stated that they had done this many times in the past but received no response.

Twitter user @ SASchofield52 emphasized that the exchange should tidy itself up and stop illegal transactions on the platform. A user is seen to have tagged the US financial regulator SEC in the tweet.

XRP has a very large community and can therefore remain a target of scammers from time to time. It has been seen that many XRP investors have been defrauded or hacked in the past. This brings to mind the idea that the funds sent to HitBTC may be related to these events. Although there is no definitive evidence on this issue, it is known that the HitBTC crypto currency exchange has attracted the reaction of investors in the past.


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