The Reacting Move Before Bitcoin Cash Halving From!


The Bitcoin Cash community seems to be having a hard time despite the block reward that has been left for a little while. Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash’s Halving has created more fear than excitement from the community, and, one of the biggest supporters of the BCH ecosystem, has done a massive layoff. “Fires Half” of Employees
According to the information transferred, laid off 50% of its employees with both the Coronavirus effect and the fear of the upcoming Halving. In the information provided by the job tracking site named Candor, it is seen that especially those who work in the mining pools of have been removed. It turned out that some of the employees of’s website branch were removed before Halving, which is scheduled to take place on April 8.

The growing pressure on has become more visible after Roger Ver quits his CEO position. Although Ver is still a manager at the company, half of the company’s 132 employees are separated, which makes us think that things are not going well.

Whale Panda, in a statement on the subject, hinted that Roger Ver may have to sell the domain name “used to defraud people” and emphasized his hopes.


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