How would you react to any of these scenes about BTS?


How would you react to any of these scenes about BTS? Communication in recent years has changed a lot, due to technology, today there are more platforms and variety where you can search for the best option to connect with your favorite artist.

Most fans currently interact with their idol through social networks, but have you imagined how it feels to have your fav very close ?, because you have only seen someone in videos or photos and that you admire too.

Well, BTS is not spared from this and has had magnetic interactions that have practically stopped the hearts of ARMY , who sees them very closely , sharing with fandom these lucky moments , which they say only occur once in a lifetime.

Check out these videos that very close fans with BTS .

Behind the scenes
During one of their concerts in Manila, fans were surprised to see how the members of BTS came out from under the stage, being just a few centimeters from them, stealing the screams at that moment from ARMY , which could be captured on video.

They recognized her
Can you imagine that one of the idols recognizes you among the crowd of people?

Well this happened to a fan , who during a concert was seen and recognized by V who talked to her in the distance and greeted her. What good luck!

Water bottle
Maybe you would think to give one of your favs a bottle, but how about the opposite happens to you ?, because Jungkook during the performance of ‘Silver Spoon’ at a concert, I gave a fan a bottle of water , she appreciate how the idol stretches to the ARMY place to give it to him.

‘Do not Cry’
What should not be missing during a concert are emotions on the surface, and is that if you have attended a concert of your favs , in some performances the skin is excited and all you want is to scream.

During the most emotional songs you want to shed some tears , because something impressive happened to this girl, she was recording while crying in an emotional song of BTS , in a concert, when Hoseok approached her and said that she will not cry that she will clean her eyes … can you imagine?


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