Reacher’s Biggest Problem Will Actually Help Him Succeed


Reacher on Amazon Prime is facing serious production challenges, but it could help the show succeed in the long run. Based on a series of best-selling books about Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the first season of the show was a resounding success for Amazon: the detective thriller attracted more viewers than high-budget epic films such as The Wheel of Time. While Alan Richson shone as the show’s protagonist, Reacher also benefited from a strong and sympathetic supporting cast, including the outstanding performance of Willa Fitzgerald and Malcolm Goodwin, Roscoe Conklin and Oscar Finley as small-town cops turned into fanatical vigilantes.

However, despite the fact that these characters turned out to be popular with viewers, and by the end of the story with Reacher himself, there may not be many familiar faces in season 2 of Reacher. Following the example of Lee Child’s books, each season of Reacher will be brainwashed. to a completely new place and immerse him in an adventure with (almost) a completely new set of characters. While this constant turnover of staff is inevitable if you follow a nomadic spirit like Jack Reacher, nevertheless, it presents a real challenge for the show’s production team, which will have to assemble a convincing supporting cast with each new season, rather than relying on an established set of audience favorites. .

But while high staff turnover can create difficulties for the “Reacher” crew, it also paves the way for the show’s long-term success. While most crime series and thrillers retain a permanent supporting cast between seasons, they often get bogged down in their own continuity. This can lead to contrived and convoluted storylines that exist to give minor actors something to do rather than create a compelling and compelling story, which undermines the dense script that attracts fans to the genre in the first place. Thus, Reacher’s seasonal reset ensures that his characters will serve the plot, and not the other way around. This will put a strong narrative at the core of “Reacher” and allow the series to reproduce the sharp and self-contained narrative that turned the Lee Child book series into a global phenomenon.

How Changing the Supporting Cast Can Help Reacher

This point is well illustrated by the instructive story about Sherlock on the BBC. Based on some of the most elaborate detective stories ever written in English, the series initially won acclaim for a modernized but largely accurate retelling of Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories. However, with each new season, the show moved further away from the source material to promote the return of characters such as Andrew Scott’s Jim Moriarty and Amanda Abbington’s Mary Watson. This led to the fact that Sherlock overlooked the intricate but focused plots that helped the character of Sherlock Holmes to exist for more than a century, and eventually the series turned into a confusing drama about the characters, far from its original premise and promise.

With the second season of “Reacher” expected sometime in 2023, the series’ emphasis on change should help it avoid the progressive decline that the likes of Sherlock suffer from. While Maria Sten’s Neagley is likely to emulate its book counterpart and carry over into future stories, Reacher’s narrative structure still promises that such returns will be the exception rather than the rule. While this level of cast turnover will undoubtedly be a headache for the show’s crew, in the long run it will help Reacher focus on the intense but confusing storylines that immediately made him a hit for Amazon.


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