Reached the Highest Value with Elon Musk’s Statements

Elon Musk made a new statement about Dogecoin. In this statement, “Who took the Doge out?” Musk said, enabling the cryptocurrency to reach ATH, the all-time high. Traded at 8.2 cents, Dogecoin had a market value of $ 10 billion.

Elon Musk, who has managed to be on the agenda with every step he takes as well as being the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, is currently on the agenda with his statements about the crypto money market. Musk, who has been wearing an altcoin called Dogecoin for a while, is flying this crypto currency with his statements. Dogecoin continues to break the record for ATH (all time high), the highest value of all time, with the statements made by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk recently tweeted “Who let the Doge out”. “Who took the Doge out?” This tweet, inspired by “Who Let The Dogs Out”, which means and one of the popular songs of the 2010s, led to the revaluation of the crypto currency. Dogecoin reached 8.2 cents for the first time in its history.

Market cap makes Dogecoin the 8th largest cryptocurrency

Dogecoin, which entered an upward trend with the statements of Elon Musk and made huge money to its investors, also increased its market value with these increases. Dogecoin, whose total market value reached $ 10 billion when it reached 8.2 cents, thus became the 8th largest crypto currency in the world. In the last checks we made from Coinmarketcap, we see that this cryptocurrency is currently the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the world. Also, with profit sales, Dogecoin is currently trading at 7 cents.

Dogecoin was originally developed as a joke and was ignored by many. Even the developer team did not care about this project. However, Elon Musk’s statements changed the course of Dogecoin. So much so that a few weeks ago this altcoin was trading at just 2.5 cents. Current figures show that 2.5 cents can be a dream from now on. Time will tell how much this cryptocurrency will rise with the statements made and will be made by Elon Musk.



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